To come up with amazing ideas and tips for using hair colors, you need to explore the unlimited color palette you are working with. In addition, keep the latest coloring and styling trends in mind for proper guidance.

So, make use of the ideas given below to spruce up your innate sense of fashion. Apply your creativity and modify these basic ideas to suit your needs. Most importantly, identify your skin tone and select the shades accordingly.

beautiful hair colors

Hair Color Ideas 2011

  • Your lustrous locks tend to enhance your overall personality. Thus, it is essential to pick hair colors that you can comfortably pull off. If you are going for a drastic change such as going from brunette to blonde or vice versa, you will have to adjust your make-up too.

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Ideas that emphasize on coloring your hair to give a funky look work best on edgy haircuts for short, medium as well as long hair. In addition, you need to stay in sync with the latest trends in hairstyles and colors to help you make a brilliant choice.

Color suggestions for funky hairdos usually incorporate bold and contrasting shades. While picking such unconventional colors, though, make sure they go well with your skin tone and eye color.


Funky Hair Color Ideas

  • The most obvious options for funky hair colors include pink, blue, purple, orange, fluorescent yellow, green, blonde, turquoise, red, copper, burgundy, violet, and so on.

    Funky hair color

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Ideas for sporting scene hair are quite similar to those meant for emo hairstyles, but they tend to be more varied and colorful than the latter.

As scene hairstyles incorporate lots of layers, you can use several hair colors to express your individuality.

The overall influence of vibrant colors and choppy scene haircut with side bangs helps create a strategically messy appearance.

Scene hair color

These colors indicate that scene boys and girls are inevitably more confident, cheerful and social as compared to their wimpier emo counterparts.


Hair Color Ideas for Scene Hair

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