Brown Hair Color Ideas

Unlike other tricky colors like blonde or red, ideas for coloring your hair in a shade of brown give you the opportunity to play with a variety of lighter as well as darker shades. Moreover, this beautiful and elegant color complements most  skin tones.

While choosing a suitable color for styling your flat mane, prefer to go with shades that are up to two shades darker or lighter than your current hair color. 


Brown Hair Color Ideas

  • Rich chocolate brown hair color looks gorgeous on brunettes with dark skin or warmer skin undertones. In addition, strategically placed auburn highlights add to the beauty of such hair.


    brown hair

  • Brunettes with extremely dark-brown hair can consider getting a combination of honey blonde highlights and auburn lowlights.
  • If you have medium brown hair, you can pump up your style with ash-blonde or beige-blonde streaks. On the other hand, for a more sophisticated look, opt for strawberry-blonde highlights.


    color treated brown hair

  • Those with chestnut-brown hair can add a subtle charm in their appearance by going for golden brown highlights.
  • Medium ash brown, milk chocolate brown or deep coffee brown hair colors look stunning on medium and olive skin.


    shades of brown

  • Hair colors with shades of brown look lovely on long wavy hairstyles. However, if you are looking for ideas for straight edged tresses, you can pick walnut-brown tone.
  • In case you are inclined towards organic hair colors then consider using henna. You can also try sage rinses to maintain your rich brown tresses.


    highlights for brown hair

  • Caramel blonde highlights are flattering for fair to medium skin tones. Wheat, ash or honey tones complement cool skin tones.

    Copper or golden-brown streaks look great on warm skin tones. Copper highlights can be combined with warm hazelnut lowlights.


    coloring brown hair

  • Golden blonde hair color goes well with light-brown streaks.
  • Opting for red, auburn or bronze highlights, especially around the face is a brilliant idea for brunettes having brown hair. Moreover, fire red highlights can jazz up auburn-brown locks.


    brown hair highlights

  • Ideas involving the use of brown on top and blonde at bottom may look appealing initially but are not likely to stay attractive for long. Plus, before going for this unnatural hair coloring, make sure you can pull it off with ease.

    Here’s a video explaining balayage hair coloring technique which is considered best for doing highlights.

  • You can also choose to lighten up your locks with sun-kissed highlights. These highlights add depth and dimension to dark hair.
  • In case you want to incorporate more shades, consider going for multi-tone highlights on dark hair.


    brown for dark hair

  • Ideas for coloring dark brown hair with funky colors focus on shades like violet, purple or burgundy.

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  1. longhaircuts says:

    Well I really think it depends on your skin tone and your natural hair color. I have a light brown and I have a really light tane, it pretty good but I am thinking about dyeing it a darker brown like dark chocolate color. But like I say I personally think it does depend on your skin tone and hair color, but also its what you think because I mean its your body.

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