Unlike the popular misconception, hair coloring options for men are not merely limited to covering the grays. Nowadays, more and more men are taking interest in latest hair color trends and ideas to add zing to their style. Given below are a few tips and tricks to help you find suitable colors for your locks.   Hair [...]

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Auburn color lies between brown and dark red. Unlike other similar tones such as burgundy and chestnut, this reddish-brown color has more of a reddish tint in sunlight. However, it has more depth than red. The lighter shade of this color is like strawberry blonde. Medium auburn is similar to darker side of ginger red, and dark [...]

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Edgy and unique ideas for having a stunning hair color can help you pump up your style by incorporating various vibrant colors. You can choose as well as bright colors depending on your personal preference and skin tone. Moreover, when placed strategically, these colors look great on edgy hairstyles.   So, without further ado, let’s move on [...]

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