Curly Hair Color Ideas

Superb ideas for coloring curly and wavy hair mostly emphasize the use of suitable yet bold shades that are less likely to get lost amidst your curls.

For instance, streaks and highlights usually remain unnoticed in curly hair because of the changing curl patterns. Hence, it is better to switch to larger chunks rather than sticking to mere highlights.

Before coloring your curls, though, study the texture and coarseness of your hair to determine the amount of dye needed to get the desired shade.

These factors influence the quantity of dye soaked by your hair, which in turn affects the tone of the color that eventually appears on your hair.

 colors for curly hair

Hair Color Ideas for Curly Hair

  • Caramel or dark blonde chunky highlights look extremely charming on mid-brown, curly hair. Layers of highlights, too, would look gorgeous on wavy hair texture.
  • While choosing the colors, prefer shades that are up to 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your current hair color. They will look more natural yet flattering on your mane.


    dark curly hair

  • You may also try a combination of peek-a-boo highlights and lowlights to liven up your dull, monotonous locks.
  • In case you want to flaunt a more distinctive and daring look, you can select a variety of bold colors like violet, pink, purple, green, etc., depending on your skin complexion.


    red color for curly hair

    Using these colors on the bangs only is a wonderful idea that is considered good for curly hair. It can help create your desired look without making you appear ghastly.

  • When opting for bright unconventional colors on dark hair, try to apply the color on several thin strands instead of dying few but thick strands.


    ideas for wavy hair

  • If you are interested in lightening the color of your hair, try frosting the tips or layers.
  • Ideas involving suitable shades of red work perfectly when coloring curly long locks.


    ideas for long wavy hair

  • Trendy ombre colors (darker on roots and lighter on mid-shafts and ends) look youthful and elegant on wavy hair.


    color treated curly hair

  • Pick a color that suits your hairstyle the best. Different hairdos play on different details like layers, edges, etc. The trick is to identify these details and use them to your advantage.


    highlights for wavy hair

  • More often than not, methods like baliage and free from hand painting are preferred over foiling technique to color curly locks. Plus, it is suggested to use semi-permanent or organic color instead of a permanent hair color.

Curly tresses tend to be more fragile than pin-straight hair. Moreover, color-treated spirals need extra hydration.


coloring curly hair

Therefore, if you are intent on coloring your locks, make sure you follow the maintenance procedure properly.

Besides, although there are a number of ideas for using hair colors on wavy curls, you can take help from a professional to choose a color/color combination that complements your skin tone and accentuates your eyes.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Your “curly” hair ideas are pictures of people with straight hair that have curled it. They are not people with curly hair. Yes, there are people out there that have naturally curly hair. It would be nice to find ideas for that.

    • Cindy says:

      I agree with Jessica. I don’t ever see any pictures of women with naturally curly hair and ideas on how to style it or have it cut. It WOULD be nice to find ideas for REAL curly hair.

  2. rita says:

    hey could i do this hair and can u send me a email plase

  3. Holly Johnson says:

    I agree. Try using “real” curly haired women. My hair looks nothing like that even if I straighten it and then recurl which I rarely do.

  4. Audrey says:

    what color is the hair in the last picture?..I agree with ya I have curly hair to and they never show women with natural curls

  5. Audrey says:

    hair color in the curly hair section

  6. Lynsey says:

    Agree ……I have curly hair and all ideas are for girls with hair that’s been curled not natural ! …..I find it really hard to find a style that looks good on my curly mop :(

  7. mickchele says:

    curly hair is frustraiting

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