Cute Hair Color Ideas

Ideas for flaunting cute colors on your mane usually involve the use of tones that match your normal hair color and complement your skin and eye color. It is for this reason that natural highlights are considered extremely flattering on anyone.

In addition, while choosing a hair color to enhance your looks, make sure you take your hairstyle into consideration. More often than not, shades of brown look fabulous on dark hair and suit most of the skin tones.


Cute Hair Color Ideas

  • To create an endearing look, you can combine subtle highlights with few lowlights matching your current hair color.


    subtle highlights and lowlights

  • Those with wavy hairstyles and curls can use copper, mahogany, burgundy, or other shades of red to enhance the appearance of their dark tresses.
  • Chocolate brown, auburn and warm hazelnut hair colors can also look gorgeous on a dark mane.


    cute colors for dark mane

  • When picking a suitable color for your hair, remember that bright, radiant shades tend to brighten up your face whereas, deeper shades add depth and dimension to your lustrous locks.

    Plus, it is essential to deep condition your tresses before applying any hair color or dye. After care requires regular touch-ups and use of hair-care products that are particularly meant for the maintenance of color-treated hair.


    match the color with your skin tone

  • Those who have a warm skin tone can flaunt golden-brown hair color with confidence. If you have dark brown or olive skin tone, consider going for ash-brown hair color.

    When not sure about the perfect shade, flirt with the idea of getting light, face framing streaks or highlights rather than all-over hair color.


    choose the perfect shade

  • Blondes can go for cute strawberry or honey-blond highlights, depending on skin color.
  • Opting for “bronde” or sun-kissed highlights is another cute and trendy idea for coloring your hair as it adds depth to your hair. As the name suggests, it is a color that lies between brown and blonde.



  • Flaunt ombre hair color if you want to achieve a young, elegant look without going overboard. It creates a fading effect by having the roots in darker color and keeping the mid-shaft and ends in a lighter color. Besides, two-toned highlights and peek-a-boo highlights are immensely popular these days.



  • In case you want to express your individuality with something unusual and peppy, you can flaunt emo or scene hair colors.
  • Highlights with bold colors create a drastic look. Moreover, those who have long hair can choose to color the tips only.


    highlights with bold colors

  • Ideas and suggestion for coloring black hair to make them look cute focus on rich shades like warm caramel or dark red highlights. In addition, violet, plum, purple and other similar deep colors blend well with dark hair.

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