Dark Hair Color Ideas

Being endowed with dark colored tresses places you at a great advantage over others. They allow you to experiment with a wide range of ideas for coloring your hair.

Plus, dark, soft, silky, lustrous locks are considered seductive and mysterious.


Given below are some amazing hair color ideas for dark hair

  • Copper, rust, burgundy, mahogany and other similar shades of red are the most preferred tones used for coloring dark hair.

    Moreover, shades of brown, such as chocolate, hazelnut, etc. enhance the beauty of darker hair, irrespective of one’s skin complexion.

    shades of brown on dark hair

  • You could also choose a nice shade of deep brown with hints of warm red tone.
  • Opting for highlights is one of the best ideas for coloring beautiful dark hair. You can use bright as well as subtle highlights along with lowlights to achieve the look of your choice without going overboard. Moreover, these styles are comparatively easy to maintain.
  • When planning to get an all-over hair color, consider getting a brown sugar hue because it tends to complement warm as well as cool skin tones.

    Here’s a video showing some fabulous hair color ideas for 2011.

  • If you are interested in blonde shades, try to find a suitable color ranging between dark golden blonde and ash. Such colors work well on light to medium brown hair and fair skin complexions.
  • Black-haired beauties should better avoid bright yellow and blonde streaks. You should rather pick multi tonal colors that blend with the rest of the color and do not stand out.

    coloring dark hair

  • Ideas for those with green eyes, olive skin, and dark hair focus on the use of caramel and bronze colors. You may choose burgundy and plum highlights for a more trendy and bold look.

    Those with green eyes and fair skin can go for red shades. In case you love lighter colors, pick honey blonde highlights.

    hair color

  • If you are a brunette with medium to olive skin tone and blue eyes then consider getting your hair colored in coffee tone.
  • You may choose to upgrade your hairstyle with emo hair color ideas as well. This style looks stunning on black hair.

    purple on black

  • Those who love to flaunt funky and bold looks can pick colors like purple, violet, magenta or plum, just to name a few.

    Before going for any of the wild colors, though, make sure you are confident enough to pull off the head-turning hairdo smoothly.

color treated hair

In case you are searching for ideas to incorporate dark color on light hair, remember that it is better to let a professional carry out the procedure properly.

Otherwise, chances are that you may have to deal with secondary colors. In addition, at times, you will come across certain dark colors that would not produce the clarity and warming effect that is expected of such shades.

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