Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

Adopting ideas for having shades of dark red on your hair can add a deep and intense touch to your dull locks. Besides, this sassy and seductive hair color is quite suitable for those who have olive or tanned skin.

If you have decided to glam up your looks with this sassy color, make sure you go through a wide variety of shades to pick the perfect one that goes well with your current hair color, complements your complexion and accentuates your eye color.


Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

  • This color is mostly used for enhancing punk and emo hairstyles.
  • When not interested in all-over color, you can go for multi-toned dark red highlights using contrasting shades.

    multitonal highlights

  • In case you have a medium to a dark complexion, it is better to opt for dark red color with golden hues to neutralize the skin tone. Rich auburn and mahogany also look flattering on those with dark-brown skin color.
  • Shades like dark coral and vermillion red go with most of the skin tones.

    dark red hair color

  • Natural blondes can go for strawberry blonde, or light/dark copper tones to incorporate gorgeous red color on their tresses. Dark blonde can be matched with dark golden-blonde copper.


  • Warm shades of red look great on brunettes with a fair complexion. For example, using rich ruby red can be an excellent idea for sporting dark red color on brunette hair.

    ideas for brunettes

    Those with fair complexion and cool skin tones can go for ruby-red base combined with fire-engine red highlights. This color looks particularly good with blue eyes.

  • Violet based red (for instance, burgundy) look charming on cool skin tones.

    Watch this video giving useful tips and tricks that you need to know before coloring your hair red.

  • If you are interested in organic hair colors, consider using henna along with certain other natural ingredients to create the red color of your choice.

    On the other hand, in case you are choosing a chemical-based color, better pick a semi-permanent color as it is more vibrant and less damaging than permanent hair color.

    hair colors for dark hair

  • Dark red tinted strands perfectly suit black wavy hair, especially when applied on the front curls. Moreover, this rich color brings out the beauty of hazel, green and dark-brown eyes.
  • To make the color look more natural, try to blend plum red with dark-brown tones to even out the color.

    ideas for getting dark red hair color

    When trying to find a perfect red color for your hair, you will find that shades like copper, ginger, etc. tend to be on the brighter side whereas, chestnut and amber have a more subtle appeal.

    dark red hair color shades

  • When getting your hair colored dark red, you may have to lighten the color of your eyebrows (especially if they are dark brown), or else it may ruin the whole effect.
  • If you are a natural redhead, you can opt for chocolate brown or ash brown hair color to pump up your style. In addition, dark red locks look stunning with blonde colored highlights.

    dark red hair color

    Those with dark plum red hair can choose platinum highlights to flaunt a bold look. Besides, lowlights can also be added to produce a glossy red hue.

  • Rinsing natural red hair with cranberry juice is a marvelous hair coloring tip for enhancing the color naturally.

dark red on short hair

Apart from considering the above mentioned ideas for flaunting shades of dark red on your hair, keep in mind that this color tends to fade pretty soon.

Therefore, when opting for dark red hair color, you will have to switch to shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for retaining the red pigmentation.

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  1. Emily says:

    I wanted to dye my hair now i now what color is the best for me :)

  2. Valerie Kosteczko says:

    I love the red

  3. Sasha says:

    Beautiful! Really like it celebrities carries it with style hope it will fit my looks too when I color my hair :)

  4. Adellae says:

    i want a dark red hair but i dont no if it wud look right on mee :/

  5. Kari says:

    I’m getting extensions down to my bellybutton and dying it the color of the second picture. Everyone says I would be a hot redhead instead of a blonde cuz my hair now is blonde and short and I feel stupid with short hair. I used to have hair down to my lowerback but i was stupid and cut it off. :/ but now im trying to grow it back and I’m getting extensions so I can feel better about myself.

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