Emo Hair Color Ideas

Color-treated emo hair help create volume and texture in emo hairstyles that are characterized by sharp, asymmetrical layers.

Basically, it requires application of deep black hair color followed by colored sections, or just highlights or lowlights on smooth, straight locks.

If you are not impressed by jet-black hair color, you may opt for ideas that make use of blue-black color. Besides, emo hair colors can also be used on natural or bleached blonde hair.

 Emo hair colors

Given below are some cute emo hair color ideas for you to explore

  • As emo hairstyles focus on longer layers on the front, you can apply beautiful streaks or blocks of hair color on this area to accentuate the asymmetrical lines and cuts. You may also experiment with horizontal stripes on smaller chunks.


    Emo look

  • If you are interested in vibrant, eye-popping colors that represent your cool personality, pick shades like sky blue, lime green, sunny yellow, fire red, etc.

    These colors work well with darker as well as lighter base shades. Make sure you choose suitable thickness and position for your tinted streaks beforehand.


    emo hair

  • Those who are drawn towards deep mysterious colors can express their individuality by opting for dark red, plum, purple, violet, burgundy, fuchsia, and so on. Use your creativity to come with a classy and distinctive combination of highlights to flaunt.


    rainbow colors on emo hair

  • You may add spunk to your style by going for rainbow colors or punk type colors like neon pink and electric blue. Application of multi colors creates a unique, funky look as long as it is non-messy.

    Here’s a video showing some brilliant ideas for beautifying emo/scene hairstyles with hair colors.

  • Ideas and suggestions for blondes with emo hair focus on pale pink, purple, turquoise, black, red, green, dark brown and numerous other chic shades and hues. Bear in mind that bold colors look terrific on layers. You can try two-toned colors as well.


    emo hair color

  • Long, dark, dead-straight emo hairstyles look cool with blonde highlights. Besides, red and purple are the most popular emo hair colors.


    emo hair

  • Although most of the emo girls and boys prefer to color the tips, layers or bangs only, choosing all over hair color is not unusual.


    emo look with hair color on bangs

    However, make sure the color suits your complexion too. In addition, beautify your emo hairstyle and colors further with the help of cute accessories.

In case you are yearning for an enticing emo look on long hair but do not want to use numerous damaging colors on your locks then using temporary, clip-in extensions can be one of the safest ideas for emo hair.

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