Funky Hair Color Ideas

Ideas that emphasize on coloring your hair to give a funky look work best on edgy haircuts for short, medium as well as long hair. In addition, you need to stay in sync with the latest trends in hairstyles and colors to help you make a brilliant choice.

Color suggestions for funky hairdos usually incorporate bold and contrasting shades. While picking such unconventional colors, though, make sure they go well with your skin tone and eye color.


Funky Hair Color Ideas

  • The most obvious options for funky hair colors include pink, blue, purple, orange, fluorescent yellow, green, blonde, turquoise, red, copper, burgundy, violet, and so on.

    Funky hair color

  • Gorgeous highlights and lowlights in various colors are usually considered better than monotonous all-over hair color. Plus, they are relatively easier to maintain and require less frequent touch ups.


  • Multi-tonal highlights, when strategically placed, create a stunning effect even with usual shades of brown and blonde.

    funky colors for hair

    Besides, you may consider going for rainbow hues on your hair to express your bold and open attitude.

  • Another idea is to try peek-a-boo-highlights in funky colors.
  • Those who love to be different can try punk type or emo/scene hair color ideas to add spunk to their style.


    scene hair

  • Brunettes, especially the ones with a darker complexion should select deep color tones like auburn, dark red, deep fuchsia red, black, rich, dark magenta, etc.

    Apart from this, tints of golden blonde and light brown tend to accentuate bright-colored eyes.


    ideas for funky yet fabulous hair colors

  • Blondes, on the other hand, can experiment with light and flirty candy tones.

    Nevertheless, if you want to create a funky and fashionable look but feel that the bold hues would look crazy on you, you may pick more sensible colors and use them creatively to add beauty to your hair.


    funky colors for blonde hair color

  • To keep your style simple yet stunning, just color the end strands or the layers beneath the crown and use brighter colors on the bangs. Make sure you apply good-quality hair colors to avoid unnecessary hair damage.


    Here’s a video showing how to dye your bangs purple.

  • Depending on your personality, another funky idea for making your hair look fabulous is to opt for freakish neon highlights like electric blue, pink, orange, etc.

    You could also come up with some creative ideas, for instance, tiger stripped highlights.


    multi tones and colors

  • In case you are not interested in the maintenance and care required for color-treated tresses, you can opt for dyed hair extensions.

    However, you will have to learn the details regarding proper use of such extensions before actually applying them.


    Funky green

  • If you are interested in funky hair colors but just want to sport an unusual look for a special occasion, consider using temporary dyes (sprays and gels) instead of permanent hair colors. Using semi-permanent colors is another wonderful idea.

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