Naturally dark mane has its own subtle and edgy charm. Nevertheless, you may like to explore some fantastic ideas for coloring beautiful but monotonous black hair to eliminate the element of boredom it creates.

Black hair allows you to experiment with several shades and colors. Still, if you want to play safe, it is better to stick to colors that are up to three shades lighter or darker than your normal hair color.

 hair color for black hair

Cute Hair Color Ideas for Black Hair

  • Flip through various shades of brown and other warm tones to arrive decide upon a flattering hair color for your black tresses. Colors like dark burgundy and auburn appear particularly attractive in sunlight.
  • You can experiment with wheat, ash or honey colors, if you are interested in highlights. It is better to avoid stark shades, though. After all, “The hair is the richest ornament of women.”-Martin Luther.

    coloring black hair

  • Another brilliant suggestion coloring for black hair is to create a gorgeous layered effect. You can incorporate this idea by applying a combination of honeycomb, golden syrup and coffee colors.
  • In case you are interested in unconventional hair colors, but you are not sure whether they would look wondrous or blunderous then it would be better to go for chunks, highlights, or merely frosting the tips.

    highlights for black hair

  • To add a dramatic appeal to your appearance, you can consider getting icy blue and platinum streaks done on your lustrous locks.
  • You may go redhead to flaunt a bold look. However, those of you who have blue eyes should avoid red hair color.

    coloring on the crown

  • Combination of purple and plum on the crown would look stunning, provided it complements your skin and eye color.
  • Hair coloring for black hair may also incorporate blue red, violet, copper, ash blonde, platinum blonde or other similar dazzling tones to create a contrast.


  • If you are looking for ideas for covering your grays, pick shades like dark brown, cinnamon or other lighter colors as you age. Avoid using jet black color on your hair because it would not look natural.

    Maintaining the same black color artificially may seem to be the obvious choice but it is more likely to bring out signs of ageing like lines and wrinkles.

    emo look

Hair color ideas for fair complexion and black hair can make use of bright colors, including shades of white, silver, etc. to sport a flattering emo look. Those who have a dark complexion can focus on golden brown, auburn and burgundy colors.

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