Long locks, though charming and beautiful, tend to get boring and monotonous after a while. So, you may want to try out some fascinating ideas for coloring fabulous long hair to add zing to your style.


Ideas for Coloring Long Hair

  • Highlights with contrasting colors look flattering on long wavy hairstyles. If you have a cool skin tone, consider sporting dark shades of grey or beige.
  • Those of you who have olive skin tone and dark-brown eyes can try ash brown, coffee or blue-black coloring on long hair. Try dark strawberry if you have green eyes.

    hair colors for long hair

  • Another fantastic suggestion is to get a versatile two-tone effect. For this, you will have to expand the color palette you are working with to gain the perfect two-toned coloring on hair. You can opt for lighter colors on the front to brighten up your face.

    two tone effect

  • If it suits your complexion, you may go for streaks of dark brown and dark red. They look aesthetic on long, dark hair.

    Alternatively, you could add a splash of deep purple along with dark brown to create a daring yet endearing look.

    daring yet endearing

  • The key to selecting the right hair color is to pick a color that matches with the base hair color but complements your skin and eye color.

    In addition, it is better to opt for highlights on certain streaks only rather than coloring long hair entirely, unless you are prepared for the maintenance and care it requires.

    Here’s a video showing some brilliant haircuts, hairstyles and highlights for long hair.

  • In case you have an obsession for bold and funky hairdos, go through some distinctive scene hair color ideas that can be applied on long hair.

    For instance, you can flaunt blonde highlights accompanied by brown and black fringes to make asymmetrically cut layers look dramatic. Consider pink, purple, blue and other groovy colors as well.

    peek-a-boo highlights

  • How about experimenting with peek-a-boo highlights? It involves the use of freehand painting technique to apply streaks of colors randomly on a particular hair zone.

    Another advantage of peek-a-boo highlights is that they are comparatively cheap.

Although it is best to get your hair colored by a professional still, you may try dying your hair at home using hair coloring kits available in the market.

highlights for dark hair

The instructions provided on these packs are usually easy to follow. You could also ask any of your friends to give you a hand.

Now that you have explored wonderful ideas for coloring beautiful long hair, why not move on to discover trendy hair color ideas for dark hair, brunette hair, useful hair coloring tips, etc.

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