You can use cute as well as edgy ideas for coloring short hair. So, it is up to you to decide if you want to flaunt a charming, gorgeous look or a bold, funky look, depending on your hairstyle.

Colors on short hairstyles are relatively easy to maintain as compared to long hair. Therefore, you can either opt for impressive highlights or all-over hair color on your mane, as per your own sweet will.


Short Hair Color Ideas

  • Sun-kissed highlights with thin streaks at the crown look wonderful on short hairstyles. In fact, this is quite a popular hair color trend nowadays.

    sun kissed highlights

  • Frosting the tips (tipping) is another amazing idea for making short hair look stunning with the use of hair colors.
  • If you are interested in highlights, consider using contrasting colors to create a two-toned effect on your short, shiny locks.

    ideas for dark hair

    Combine the two shades elegantly to achieve an ultra-stylish look for your locks. When choosing the tones, try to select those that are up to 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your current hair color.

    highlights and lowlights

  • Highlights and lowlights look particularly flattering on hairdos that have longer layers on the top. They add volume and dimension on short tresses.

    In case you are interested in a funky rather than subtle style, go for chunks on layered bob hairstyle.

  • Honey highlights look appealing on short blonde hair with asymmetric layers.

    Here’s a video about styling short hair.

  • Those who have three-layered textured hairstyle can add a splash of violet or ruby color to their hair.
  • Brunettes with short, chestnut hair can pump up their style by choosing dark blonde and caramel highlights.

    color treated short hair

    Besides, strategically placed ombre streaks (darker roots and lighter ends) look stunning and youthful on dark-brown hair, whether short, medium or long.

  • Add a bold appeal to your appearance by picking unconventional colors like pink, purple, platinum, jet black, red, green, blue, etc.

    unconventional colors for short hair

    However, before experimenting with any of these colors, make sure it suits your current hair color. In addition, take your skin complexion and eye color into consideration.

  • You can explore plenty of fun and vibrant hair colors for short hair to come up with a nice idea for sporting an emo or scene hairstyle. If you are craving for a daring and distinctive look, you may choose rainbow hair color.

    emo hair colors for short hair

  • Unless you have great facial features to flaunt, resist the temptation of dying your short hair red because it draws attention to your features.

    Hence, it is more suitable for those who have medium or long hair. Nevertheless, you may consider using darker shades of red such as burgundy.

darker shades of red for short hair

When incorporating ideas and suggestions for coloring short hair, consider adopting the technique of paneling or color blocking as it helps create a clean look.

It is a tricky but dynamic procedure that allows you to include several colors in different sections of your hair to separate the shades neatly.

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