Hair Color Ideas

To come up with amazing ideas and tips for using hair colors, you need to explore the unlimited color palette you are working with. In addition, keep the latest coloring and styling trends in mind for proper guidance.

So, make use of the ideas given below to spruce up your innate sense of fashion. Apply your creativity and modify these basic ideas to suit your needs. Most importantly, identify your skin tone and select the shades accordingly.

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Hair Color Ideas 2011

  • Your lustrous locks tend to enhance your overall personality. Thus, it is essential to pick hair colors that you can comfortably pull off. If you are going for a drastic change such as going from brunette to blonde or vice versa, you will have to adjust your make-up too.

  • Those who do not want to commit to the care required for maintenance of all-over hair color can opt for strategically placed highlights and lowlights (done near roots).


    color treated hair

    To get impressive results, it is best to use the balayage hair coloring technique. Another fantastic and easy idea is to have peek-a-boo-highlights, particularly on front sections and lower layers.


    peek-a-boo highlights

  • Unless you are interested in a bold and funky hairdo, pick colors that look natural yet attractive. For instance, you can experiment with sun-kissed or bronde (brown + blonde) hair color. More often than not, incredible ideas that help in choosing suitable shades tend to add depth and dimension to your hair.



  • You can pump up your style with latest ombre hair color. It involves having a darker color at the roots and progressively lighter at the mid-section and ends.


    ideas for dark hair

    In fact, ombre/color streaming is one of the hottest hair color trends for 2011. Brunettes can use this trend to lighten their boring dark tresses. Plus, it requires less frequent touch-ups as compared to traditional highlights.

    While following this trend, however, do not neglect the golden rule of staying within 2-3 shades of your usual hair color.


    choose your shade wisely

  • Ideas involving the use of two tone hair colors are also gaining huge popularity nowadays. For this, choose contrasting shades to create a gorgeous two-tone or even multi-tone effect. Try to pick shades that bring out the beauty of your locks, depending on your hairstyle.
  • Shades of red, especially the darker tones look awesome on black and brown hair. Moreover, it is a great option for those who have freckles.


    dark hair

    As you age, it is better to stay close to soft and copper gold reds rather than playing with deep wine red tones.

    However, if you have a ruddy skin tone with red undertones then avoid red hair color; instead, pick golden or honey brown tones.

  • You may also consider rich chocolate brown hair color with light caramel highlights. Auburn is another amazing choice.


    brown hair color suits most people

    Those with a tanned complexion can experiment with coffee brown shade. Remember, brown is considered suitable for nearly all skin tones.

    Shades of brown can be produced with the help of henna. It serves as an organic hair color and hence, does not damage your hair.


    edgy hair color

  • Honey colored highlights look fabulous on blonde hair. Those with edgy hairstyles can try unconventional, vibrant colors like hot pink, blue, fuchsia, purple, white, and so on.


    ideas for short hair

  • When using colors and hairstyle to express your individuality, you can opt for emo or scene hair colors as well. If you are not interested in all-over hair color, you may use the desired color on the bangs only.

Here’s some advice on summer 2011 hair color trends by celebrity colorist Marie Robinson.

Tips for choosing hair colors

  • If you have a warm skin tone then warm hair colors are perfect for you, particularly in cases where eye color is also brown, hazel or green.

    For example, you can go for chestnut, rich golden brown, auburn, honey, caramel blonde and other similar shades.

  • Cool skin tones, on the other hand, look best with cool colors like ash brown, ash blonde, platinum, etc.


    hair coloring tips

  • Those who have a light complexion, and dark eye color can go with any hair color as per their preference. Similarly, those with dusky skin and light eye color need not be fussy when selecting shades for coloring their hair.


    funky hair color

  • In case you have a neutral skin tone, you may consider getting beige-blonde or sandy-blonde highlights.
  • Strawberry or copper hair highlights would look flattering on olive skin tones.

choose hair color as per your skin tone

If you are planning to dye your hair at home, it is better to try temporary or semi-permanent hair colors rather than permanent ones. Plus, do your homework beforehand and bear in mind the tips and precautions associated with hair coloring.


Hair color

If you like to play safe, though, seek help from a professional stylist. Needless to say, explore these ideas to choose appropriate shades that match your current hair color, complement your skin tone and accentuate your eye color.

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