Ideas for coloring the lustrous locks of brunettes mostly focus on shades of deep copper. With warm skin tones, the natural brown hair color blends well with warmer colors such as rich auburn, copper, red, gold, etc.

On the other hand, if you have a cool skin tone, choose a fabulous shade from a host of cooler color tones like ash and milk chocolate.


Ideas for Colouring Brunette Hair

  • Brunette hair color looks great with caramel highlights. Besides, deep red highlights can add shimmer to your hair, particularly in case of coppery or auburn brown locks.

    auburn highlights

  • Creamy gold hues look superb on the ends of naturally brown hair. Moreover, if your locks are light-brown in color, consider sporting bleached blonde chunks.

    creamy gold hue

  • The perfect hair color is the one that complements your skin tone, accentuates your eyes and blends well with your brunette hair.

    If you have a medium skin tone (yellow undertones), avoid excessively bright colors like icy silver or flashy pink. Instead, stick to a neutral shade that ranges between dark to light brown.

    Watch this video to find out some incredible hair coloring tips for brunettes.

  • Hair coloring suggestions and ideas for fair-skinned brunettes emphasize the use of honey-brown tones or lighter strawberry shades for highlights.

    Those with a darker complexion can flaunt deep tones of brown like chocolate brown. Burgundy or bronze highlights would also look gorgeous; avoid extremely light colors.


  • Golden highlights go well with ash-toned brown tresses and olive skin. Even when you go lighter, better stay close to warm golden tones instead of moving towards stark blonde.
  • In case your skin tone favors lighter colors, you may be tempted to experiment with bold colors. However, keep in mind that it would require a lot of maintenance and aftercare.

    lighter colors

    Plus, when going way too lighter than your normal hair color, it is best to get the job done by a professional at a saloon rather than experimenting with hair coloring kits at home. It requires sufficient practice in bleaching and coloring.

    attractive hair color

  • Chestnut brown or pecan brown highlights blend perfectly with dark brunette hair and add a touch of mystery. Fabulous ideas for brunettes with auburn-toned hair color focus on strawberry and golden blonde shades.
  • If you have moderately brown hair, consider getting an eye-catching combination of light and reddish blonde on your lustrous locks.


  • Bronde, that is, brunette with blonde highlights is quite a popular option these days because it creates a marvelous sun-kissed look.

Thus, the best ideas and suggestions for brunettes involve the use of subtle colors that are 1-2 shades lighter or darker than the usual hair color. If you want to sport a more vibrant look, choose your color wisely.

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