Highlights For Dark Hair

Choosing appropriate highlights to flaunt on dark hair gives you plenty of scope to play with different hair colors.

As a general rule, it is recommended to opt for shades that are a 2-3 tones lighter than your natural hair color. Plus, make sure you take your complexion and eye color into consideration.


Use the following suggestions to lighten your locks with the help of highlights

  • Although it is advised to go for warmer tones, youngsters usually prefer blonde, honey and gold tones for highlighting their dark hair to get a trendy look.

     hair highlights

  • Unless you want a bold and funky look, avoid getting chunky stripes as they look unnatural.
  • When strategically placed, highlights help create dimension and make your hair look fuller. For a more subtle approach, you can choose to highlight your bangs only.
  • During summer season, sun-kissed highlights look great on brunette hair. Brunettes should steer clear of orange highlights, though.

    strategically placed highlights

  • In case you have dark-brown hair, consider opting for beautiful red highlights, especially on the fringe around the face to add spunk to your style.

    red highlights

  • Honey blonde streaks accentuate the beauty of black tresses. You may also try platinum-blonde color.

    streaks for dark hair

  • Those of you who are interested in a soft and endearing look can play safe with warm caramel streaks on dark hair.
  • When aspiring for a fun, dramatic appeal, light up your locks with multi colors such as, pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, and so on.

    pink blue purple highlights

  • How about combining both subtle as well as electrifying highlights? For this, you can use strong contrasts along with gentle tones and color transitions. Use these combinations creatively to sport an intriguing look.
  • When considering highlights for pale skin and dark hair, pick a shade that balances out your skin tone but, at the same time, matches with the color of your hair.
  • Copper and mahogany colors work as flattering for dark hair and dark skin.

    Here’s a video showing how to highlight your hair.

  • To create a more charming look, you can try a combination of highlights as well as lowlights. The difference between the two is that highlights are used to lighten the hair color whereas, lowlights do just the opposite.


    That is, they add depth to your hair by making them look darker. If you are a brunette, consider going for red lowlights to make your highlights look more natural.

  • Highlights for naturally light or dark hair are usually achieved through techniques like; block color, foil highlighting, slicing, balayage, frosting, etc.

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