Superb ideas for coloring curly and wavy hair mostly emphasize the use of suitable yet bold shades that are less likely to get lost amidst your curls.

For instance, streaks and highlights usually remain unnoticed in curly hair because of the changing curl patterns. Hence, it is better to switch to larger chunks rather than sticking to mere highlights.

Before coloring your curls, though, study the texture and coarseness of your hair to determine the amount of dye needed to get the desired shade.

These factors influence the quantity of dye soaked by your hair, which in turn affects the tone of the color that eventually appears on your hair.

 colors for curly hair

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Adopting ideas for having shades of dark red on your hair can add a deep and intense touch to your dull locks. Besides, this sassy and seductive hair color is quite suitable for those who have olive or tanned skin.

If you have decided to glam up your looks with this sassy color, make sure you go through a wide variety of shades to pick the perfect one that goes well with your current hair color, complements your complexion and accentuates your eye color.


Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

  • This color is mostly used for enhancing punk and emo hairstyles.
  • When not interested in all-over color, you can go for multi-toned dark red highlights using contrasting shades.

    multitonal highlights

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You can use cute as well as edgy ideas for coloring short hair. So, it is up to you to decide if you want to flaunt a charming, gorgeous look or a bold, funky look, depending on your hairstyle.

Colors on short hairstyles are relatively easy to maintain as compared to long hair. Therefore, you can either opt for impressive highlights or all-over hair color on your mane, as per your own sweet will.


Short Hair Color Ideas

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