Smart ideas for coloring your hair blonde make use of a variety of light as well as comparatively dark tones like butterscotch, honey, platinum, wheat, and so on.

The key to choosing the right color lies in the fact that it should match with your usual hair color and complement your skin and eye color.

Being lighter in shade, this tricky but terrific color oozes great charm to sizzle up your style during spring and summer season.

However, you will have to take good care of your tresses to keep the color fresh because it tends to fade faster, especially in sunlight.

Blonde hair color

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Long locks, though charming and beautiful, tend to get boring and monotonous after a while. So, you may want to try out some fascinating ideas for coloring fabulous long hair to add zing to your style.


Ideas for Coloring Long Hair

  • Highlights with contrasting colors look flattering on long wavy hairstyles. If you have a cool skin tone, consider sporting dark shades of grey or beige.
  • Those of you who have olive skin tone and dark-brown eyes can try ash brown, coffee or blue-black coloring on long hair. Try dark strawberry if you have green eyes.

    hair colors for long hair

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Being endowed with dark colored tresses places you at a great advantage over others. They allow you to experiment with a wide range of ideas for coloring your hair.

Plus, dark, soft, silky, lustrous locks are considered seductive and mysterious.


Given below are some amazing hair color ideas for dark hair

  • Copper, rust, burgundy, mahogany and other similar shades of red are the most preferred tones used for coloring dark hair.

    Moreover, shades of brown, such as chocolate, hazelnut, etc. enhance the beauty of darker hair, irrespective of one’s skin complexion.

    shades of brown on dark hair

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