Opting for an appropriate organic product is one of the best ways to add color to your hair safely. It helps eliminate the risks associated with hair colors prepared from chemicals.

Henna and vegetable dyes are the most popular natural hair colors. These products make use of herbal extracts.

On the downside, though, plant-based hair colors require repeated applications and hence, take much more time as compared to the usual toxic hair products.

Tips for choosing organic hair colors wisely

  • Henna is perhaps the oldest of all types of natural hair colors. Pure henna imparts red color tone. Apart from hair coloring, it is also useful for hair care as it tends to strengthen your hair naturally.


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In your quest to get the best advice on coloring your hair, you must have come across several basic tips related to hair coloring. Some such suggestions include evaluating your natural hair color, choosing a color that complements the color of your skin and eyes, and so on.

However, you must have realized by now that there are certain other valuable suggestions beyond these common tips that you ought to be aware of.

So, enhance the looks of your locks by following the valuable tips and tricks discussed below.

  • What is your skin tone? Is it cool or warm? If you are having a tough time answering these questions, here’s some help. Cool skin tones are characterized by locks that are naturally dark brown, bluish-black, golden blonde, medium ash, or other similar shades in color.

    coloring your hair

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