Scene Hair Color Ideas

Ideas for sporting scene hair are quite similar to those meant for emo hairstyles, but they tend to be more varied and colorful than the latter.

As scene hairstyles incorporate lots of layers, you can use several hair colors to express your individuality.

The overall influence of vibrant colors and choppy scene haircut with side bangs helps create a strategically messy appearance.

Scene hair color

These colors indicate that scene boys and girls are inevitably more confident, cheerful and social as compared to their wimpier emo counterparts.


Hair Color Ideas for Scene Hair

  • The most popular idea for flaunting scene hair-do involves coloring your hair black and then adding neon highlights on them.

  • Depending on your skin tone, pick edgy and attention-grabbing colors like pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, strawberry red, orange, copper, stark white, etc.


    Scene hair color

  • You may also add streaks of emo colors in brighter shades. Preferably, choose colors that complement your skin tone and suit your hair, whether short, medium or long.


    short hair with scene hair style

  • If you are interested in a bold and unique look, you may use rainbow colors on your locks.
  • Opting for chic highlights is a great way to add a number of colors at various sections of your mane. Plus, maintenance of hair highlights is easier than that of all-over hair color.


    scene hair

  • Horizontal stripes of colors on highlights are also gaining huge popularity. You can include multi-colors to create a fun yet gorgeous look.
  • Ideas for enhancing the appeal of scene hairstyles usually lay emphasis on candy tones.


    blone ccolor

  • Colored streaks on bangs around the face look stunning on such hairstyles. Hot pink, electric sky blue and purple are some of the most common colors used for this purpose.
  • Scene hair colors are mostly used on basic black or dark-colored tresses. Nevertheless, if you do not want to darken your hair, you may go for blonde instead.


    scene hair colors for black

  • Brunettes can go for bright red streaks, especially on the inner layers. Shades of auburn shall also look cool on dark hair.
  • Blondes can experiment with alluring lowlights combined with chunky highlights. Contrasting colors enhance the appearance of scene hairstyles.


    hair color

  • Green looks great on under layers both in dark as well as light colored tresses.
  • Those with short, spiky hairstyles can choose to color the tips only.

    Enjoy these fabulous scene hair pictures.

  • In case you do not feel like dying your hair, consider using good clip-in extensions. Moreover, pump up your style with cute and attractive hair accessories such as funky bow clips, ribbons, bobby pins and so on.
  • You can derive inspiration and ideas for trendy scene hair by studying the styles of some popular scene kings and queens. Copying others, however, is a big no-no.

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